Moldova 2007

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IFRM Impact statements:

100% Successful delivery in Moldova

Demonstrated collaboration:

Gov level: US Dept of State, Senator Coleman, Moldovan Gov. officials

Industry: Rosenbauer, Lion, MSA, GearGrid

Shipping: Counterpart Intl.

Fire Dept.: Regional - National - International

Private-Corp. Support, Grants, Gifts..


IFRM - Fire-Ambulance-Police Active Duty

Equipment and training

ongoing web support


20-25% One nation Moldova

98% Efficiency

18mo. impact - Gov. Reports


Whole Community & Life styles

Unlimited location - Requests from (Ukraine, Romania,Costa Rica, Bosnia, Poland,Mongolia)

Return back 1yr plus instituted a accountability model

#3- reports over #18mo period


$40-100k veh: shipping

we currently have a verbal offering KS- awaiting new replacements before collection

$60K - TEAM


$18K - shipping sea can

US Dept. of state


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