Job Type Full-time
Job Status Sourcing
Date Posted Tuesday, 25 January 2011
Location USA
Duration Freelance
Company Information International Fire Relief mission

, MN
Job Description If you are a writer looking for fun, excitement in freelance work – then IFRM wants you to join our writing TEAM.

The IFRM is one of the Fastest Growing Firefighter Charity companies; we have a fantastic opportunity for writers passionate about Fire related photography to join our team.

The International Fire Relief Mission exists to provide long-term and life saving assistance for active duty firefighters in countries and communities lacking modern fire/rescue equipment and technology. Our objectives are accomplished by recycling fire equipment replaced by the AFG or FEMA grants. An ongoing impact to firefighters is improved technology and equipment with a (5-10 year) sustainable service life.

As a contract writer for IFRM, you will be responsible for publishing all TEAM mission activities. Spring, fall and winter are our busy times. Working directly with Fire magazines will be an integral part of our writer performance Goals.

IFRM works with freelance writers all over the country to supply top-notch content to our websites. Our articles are informative in nature, often explaining a topic or teaching the reader how we do things. These topics range from the simple to the complex, so we are looking for highly motivated writers who can research and deliver high quality, relevant articles.

As an IFRM writer, we offer you the chance to build your portfolio, and interact with other writers. We currently offer many topics for you to choose from, with new ones added weekly.

Now is the best time to join IFRM.

You will be asked to provide a resume and writing samples.
How to Apply Send Resume to

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