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Queston: What do you need?

Answer: We can take everything that you use to help setup Fire Stations around the world. PPE's, hand tools, apparatus, everything...

Queston: How to donate?

Answer: You can donate functioning fire safety equipment to the IFRM.

The International Fire Relief Mission is an organization that helps make sure that fire fighters have the equipment they need, and it helps spread knowledge and awareness about fire risks and hazards. If you have fire safety or fire fighting equipment that is still in working condition, you can donate it to the IFRM. However, it's important that you work out some basic details for your donation so that it's taken care of properly.


  1. Contact the International Fire Relief Mission and talk to a group representative about your donation or fill out this form. List the sort of equipment you have available, the condition it's in, and find out it would be accepted as a donation.
  2. Drop off your equipment at an IFRM event, which is listed on the group's homepage, or donate the items directly to the IFRM by sending them to the address listed on the website. Or if your local fire station donates to the IFRM, you can drop your donation off there.
  3. Declare exactly what you're shipping if that's the method you choose. Carriers prohibit items that are pressurized and items that contain certain chemicals. Request a receipt for your charity donation if you want.

Shipping Address:

Attn: Mr. Ed Matthews
International Fire Relief Mission
14201 Hwy 191
Hazel Green, KY 41332


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