Volunteer Spotlight - Steve Johnson

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As a Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force it gave Steve the leadership, experience, and knowledge to raise to the position of firefighter Capt. On both Center City Fire and Scott Fire. He also worked at Rosenbauer for 16 years with 3 years in the building of fire apparatus and 13 years in global service and training of new apparatus. Where he rose to the level of service Manager, and also obtained a number of Emergency Vehicle Technician (E.V.T.) certifications.

When it comes to working with fire departments Steve draws on my 30 years of knowledge working in the fire industry, whether he was keeping trucks in service so aircraft could do their missions in combat or building new fire apparatus for a small volunteer department here in the U.S., to delivering and servicing trucks from major cities and airports in different countries in the western hemisphere.

Keeping your fire apparatus fleet in service and up to date on pump tests can be an expensive task. Be assured that we will do my best to keep your fleet in service and up to date on pump test for the best value that we can give.

There are many companies that work on fire apparatus. What separates his from others is that he rose to the level of Capt. on Center City Fire and has risen to the level of Capt. on Scott Fire so he has been involved with the fire apparatus for 30 years from building them; to delivery training and service; to using them on fires and accident scenes. He believes this is what separates him from other companies that just work on trucks.        

You can reach Steve at;  (956) 507-0491   or email him This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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