Volunteer Spotlight - Harold E. McKee Jr.

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Please join the IFRM in welcoming a new strategic alliance member:  Mr. Harold E. McKee Jr. the CEO/CSO for ARFF Training Concepts or ATC  whose Goal is to be the best at designing and providing exceptional training classes and materials to those who respond to emergencies, whatever their role and in providing Aviation & Maritime Security assessments and services. Mr. McKee’s Team will support ongoing training needs beyond what the IFRM’s staff provides during its missions.

Lt. McKee has over 25 years in the fire service, starting in structural firefighting and later becoming involved in Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting with the Boeing Fire Department. In addition to owning ARFF Training Concepts, he is a shift Lieutenant, an Emergency Medical Technician, Hazardous Materials Technician, and Rescue Technician with the Boeing Fire Department.

FF- McKeww has worked with outside agencies to gain acceptance and membership for Boeing FD in the North County Technical Rescue Team. He is also an industry recognized SME in Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting, aircraft construction and familiarization, and how it integrates into the Aviation Security environment and other groups. He has taught and spoke at numerous fire departments, military, law enforcement, and federal law enforcement personnel as it relates to aircraft and their systems.

Mr. McKee also has an extensive manufacturing background ranging from specialized railroad equipment; Undersea Oil Exploration Equipment to Space Programs (Apollo & Space Shuttle program aspects) coupled with a 16 year background in aircraft manufacturing in aircraft of all kinds which provides much greater insight into Aircraft Rescue Firefighting and how it integrates into other vocations.

As an Instructor Harold has taught ARFF and other fire service related courses at the University of Nevada in Elko, NV., Beacon Occupational Health Services in Kenai AK., Everett Community College, Everett, WA., Washington State Fire Academy, North Bend, WA., and 2 Full - Fire Academy (FF1, FF2, HazMat A & O, FAO, and ARFF) projects in the Philippines.

He is also the Section 6 Manager for the ARFF Working Group, an NFPA member, member of NW WARN, and many other aviation, security, and fire related groups. He was recently placed as a Training Manager for InterPortPolice.


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