Volunteer Spotlight - Charles Bushey

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Charles Bushey
Montana Prescribed Fire Services, Inc.
Headquarters, Billings, MT  59102-2436 USA
The International Fire Relief Mission is proud to introduce another strategic alliance member, Charles Bushey. He and his company will provide worldwide training assistance to IFRM.

In 1985, Mr. Bushey founded the Montana Prescribed Fire Services, Inc. and continues to serve as its president. He is a specialist in wildland-urban interface fuel mitigation and prescribed fire. He is also a fire ecologist and fire behavior analyst.

He was wildland fire red-carded as a fire behavior analyst, strike team engine leader, wildland fire arson investigator, and fire line explosive specialist. He also has operated as a Fire Behavior Service Center team leader and a long-term assessment team leader.

Mr. Bushey has authored over 80 articles, research publications and reports principally dealing with fire effects, fire behavior and fire policy issues. In 1995, he was made a member of U.S. Registry’s Who’s Who of Outstanding Americans for his role as an international consultant and lecturer with MPFS and as a primary developer of the Fire Behavior Service Center concept. In 2000, he was selected to be in Marquis’s Who’s Who in America 2001 Edition for his contributions as a wildland fire researcher.  

From 2007-2011 Mr. Bushey was president of the International Association of Wildland Fire and led a 15-member international board of directors. Prior to that, he served 12 years on the IAWF board of directors. He oversaw IAWF’s involvement with its membership magazine Wildfire and the International Journal of Wildland Fire the only peer-reviewed publication of wildland fire research.  

As president of IAWF he interacted with a wide range of international organizations interested in wildland fire topics such as the United Nations FAO, the Australasian Fire & Emergency Service Authorities, the Bushfire Cooperative Research Center, and the Global Fire Monitoring Center to name a few. He is IAWF’s representative to the western U.S. region Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy.

Previous to MPFS, Mr. Bushey worked with the U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station Fire Sciences Laboratory in Missoula, Mont., as a wildland fire researcher on topics dealing with fire effects, wilderness fires, fire behavior, and smoke management.



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