Volunteer Spotlight - Matthew Strauss

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matthew_straussPlease help us welcome our newest photojournalist Matthew Strauss.  Matthew responded to the IFRM’s need for a Media Team Member.   We are very thankful for the strengths and talents he brings to our TEAM.

Matthew Strauss, Is a visual story-teller. He grew up around firefighting and public safety, his father was an engine captain in New York, and his uncles were both chief officers.  Mr. Strauss initially went a different route, studying cross-cultural communications in college and beginning a photojournalism career that took him around North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. After several years, he circled back towards firefighting in his own way, using his skills to document fireground and emergency scenes for the Gilbert Fire Department in Arizona.

Matthew became the Arizona Coordinator for the International Fire Photographer’s Association (IFPA), and trained other photographers in fire photography and fireground operations, placing them with departments around Arizona interested in having a photographer. He maintains a close relationship with many local, state, and federal agencies through his career as a commercial and editorial photographer, specializing in public safety photography within the magazine and advertising realm.  Holding several ICS certifications, Matthew consults with other public safety agencies related photographic matters, such as HIPAA compliances, and arson investigation photography.

He is a photographer for Fire Chief Magazine, FireRescue Magazine, JEMS, and others in/out of the public safety field. He currently lives in the Phoenix-area with his wife, Diana.

“I am excited about working with the IFRM and help share their vision with the world.”
You can now reach Matthew through email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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