Largest Single Donation from State of Wyoming

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Regional donation efforts

A Special “Thank you” goes out to Chief Craig Haslam and the staff at Fremont County Fire Department, out of Riverton, Wyoming. He collected, coordinated and delivered the single largest donation out of the State of Wyoming to date of much need Fire/EMS equipment.

Donations like this are very important to the daily operations of the IFRM. It helps us maintain costs, As a Nonprofit; we rely totally on cash donations to support our missions. Under current times that’s becoming more difficult.

Chief Haslam also assisted the IFRM message by sending out a state wide email so all could be included. Some others indicated they had items but couldn’t meet the current schedule so he sees another drive in the future.

These donated items will go a long way to improve the safety of fellow Firefighters around the World. Thank you all for your support…

Rosenbauer America


Chief Haslam

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Wayne Boer

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Wayne Boer Purchasing Manager at Rosenbauer -Central Div. South Dakota also helped us control costs by allow us to transfer donations on site. They also made another donation of equipment that will be going to the country of Georgia this fall 2011.



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