Volunteer Spotlight - Steven Schafer

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The IFRM is fortunate to have the guidance from Steven over several years.

Thank you so much.


Grant writer, Steven Schafer is a Non-Profit Corporation called Grace Unlimited Corporation. I serve a wide range of:

  • Non-Profit Corporations
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Churches
  • Missionaries
  • Individuals seeking Scholarships and Grants

Business has been very good in a short period of time! I attribute this to my years of successful business ownership and God's divine power working in and through my life. I have been educated in Non-Profit Corporation Business and countless hours of study in all phases of Grant Writing and Donor Management.

I am active in my community and worldwide with several charity giving organizations. As a Grant Consultant for organizations worldwide. Getting my clients active and involved with their community and state foundations that will grant them funding.


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