Volunteer Spotlight - Christina Spoons

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CSpoons-IFRM-A-boardChristina Spoons


The International Fire Relief Mission is pleased to welcome Christina Spoons to its advisory board.
Ms. Spoons’ 15 years of experience includes emergency management, emergency medical services, disaster response, media and public relations, crisis communications, branding, and strategic planning.

She has been involved with firefighter curriculum development at both the state and national levels and is involved with several National Fire Protection Association committees, including those on firefighter professional qualifications and electronic safety equipment. She teaches homeland security and public policy and administration courses at Ashford University, and fire science courses at Columbia Southern University. She has spent several years as a firefighter/EMT and as an instructor with the American Red Cross.

Ms. Spoons holds a master’s degree in public administration with a concentration in homeland security; she is completing her Ph.D. in the same discipline with a concentration in terrorism, mediation, and peace.



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